Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours of operation?

Check the Open Lab page for hours throughout the year including any special Open Lab hours or closures.  
Visit the Home School page for class times offered.  
Parties and group events are by appointment only.  Book online or call 281-401-9501 or 832-509-2270 to reserve.


Can I drop my child off for Open Lab?

No.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during Open Lab.

For what ages of children is Open Lab appropriate?

Children aged 2 to 16 years old (not to mention the adults!) have enjoyed playing and exploring in our lab.  

Do you allow children under 3 to participate in Open Lab?

Yes.  We only require that participants are able to follow the lab safety rules.  

What does it cost to do Open Lab?

Open Lab admission starts at $12.00 per child for a 1-hour lab session.  Children under 2 are admitted free of charge.  Two adults per child are admitted free of charge.  Additional adults pay per child admission rates.

Can we leave and come back later when doing a 2.5-hour or All Day Open Lab session?

When doing either the 2.5-hour or All Day Open Lab, you may leave the facility and return to continue your lab session in the same day but the clock does not stop for the 2.5-hour lab session.  Just let one of the Little Beakers staff know that you plan on returning.  


Do I have to order food through you if I book a birthday party?

No.  You may bring your own food.  We only ask that you do not bring in foods that would be exceptionally sticky and/or difficult to remove from the floor if spilled.  If you are unsure what those foods might be, please ask us.

Do the Little Beakers staff assist with serving food in the party room?

No.  Once the lab session concludes, Little Beakers lab assistants get to work cleaning the lab and leave you to do your celebrating in your party room. 

Do you charge teachers, chaperones and parents that accompany children on field trips?

No.  We charge per child.  The price depends on the number of children and the number of events.