Our Services


Open Lab

Come explore Little Beakers as the entire family learns and has fun in a real science lab built especially for kids!  Learn more

Guided Lab

Stand back and relax! Let Little Beakers lab assistants lead your kids through up to 4 hands-on experiments in a scheduled 1-hour Guided Lab session. Learn more


Home School Science Club

Little Beakers owner and polymers chemist, Cinttya Morgan, has developed a comprehensive 3-level science curriculum that caters to children aged 6 to 16. Learn more

Preschool Science Discovery Club

Give your little ones a head start in learning about the wonderful world of science all while building a passion about learning through fun, hands-on science activities.  Learn more

After School Science Club

Complement your child's traditional science classes at school with a superb after school science program developed by a real polymers chemist. Learn more


Equipped with a lab coat, safety goggles and a notebook to record observations, your child's knowledge and interest in science will skyrocket attending a Little Beakers summer mini-camp.  Learn more

Parents' Night Out

You relax as the kids do hands-on science activities all night including rockets, chemical reactions, explosions, polymers, engineering and testing of boats, edible molecules, ice-cream science, crystals and much more.  Learn more


Birthday Parties

Kids will never forget the thrill of conducting experiments with a real scientist in this hands-on birthday adventure!  Learn more

Group Events

Let Little Beakers host your next group event or field trip, such as school field trips, church youth groups, scouts, corporate team-building, or adult gatherings.  Learn more