Equipped with a lab coat, safety goggles and reports to record observations, your child's knowledge and interest in science and math will skyrocket attending a Little Beakers camp or workshop. With up to 12 different science themes to select from, kids will have a blast touching on an array of topics through hands-on science activities including rockets, glowing volcanoes, reactions, fossils & minerals, polymers, ice-cream science, forensic science, edible molecules, physics, planets, microbiology and much more!

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Camp Features

  • 3-Day Christmas and New Year Camps.

  • 5-Day Spring Break and summer camps.

  • 6-8 science projects completed per day of camp...most of them are take-home!

  • 12 different science camp themes to choose from.

  • Snack and juice provided each day of camp.

  • For ages 3* - 13.

* Children must be able to use the bathroom by themselves.

Camp & Workshop Themes

Stand Back…She’s Gonna Blow! - Volcanoes, Reactions, and Explosions Camp

  • Build take-home glow-in-the-dark volcanoes

  • Explode volcanoes using various chemical reactions

  • Chemical reactions and explosions using real laboratory equipment

So, What’s Bugging You? - Entomology and Annelids Camp

  • Earthworm and grasshopper dissections

  • Learn to use standard and digital microscopes

  • Sample collection and preparation of take-home microscope slides

Move Over Musk! - Little Engineers and STEM Camp

  • Designing and engineering of take-home boats

  • Hydraulic machines, catapults, and roller coasters

  • Crash car designing, engineering and testing

Come On In…The Water’s Fine! - Marine Biology Camp

  • Real fish, octopus, and shark dissections

  • Preparation of take-home specimen slides

  • Use of standard and digital microscopes on specimens

Make No Bones About It…This Will Be Fun! - Paleontology Camp

  • Take-home 5 ft dinosaur fossil set

  • Giant walk-through non-Newtonian “quick sand”

  • Rock analysis and take-home gems

Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog… - Mini-Vets Camp

  • Anatomy and animal x-ray analysis

  • Frog and cow eye dissections

  • Owl pellet investigation and analysis

Elementary! - Forensic Science Camp

  • Mock-up Little Beakers crime scene investigation

  • Use real forensic techniques and equipment

  • Take home spy and 3D glasses

Just Take Two Aspirin… - Mini-Doctors Camp

  • Build take-home brain and models

  • Brain and heart dissections

  • Standard and digital microscope use, x-ray analysis, bacterial growth using microbiological media

To Boldly Go Where No Kid Has Gone Before… - Astronomy and Aeronautics Camp

  • Take home solar system model

  • Take home Eclipse Models

  • Rockets design and testing

I’m Sorry, Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That. - Robotics and STEM Camp

  • Electrochemistry to power clocks and lights

  • Car designs with highest velocity and acceleration, testing effects of friction with ramps

  • Solar power robots and simple machines

And The Eyes Have It! - All Glowing,.3-D and Optical Camp

  • Glow-in-the-dark volcanoes, chalk, crystals, and density charms

  • Take home 3-D and light-diffracting glasses

  • Take-home telescope and periscope

Tasty Chemistry - Chemistry In Food and Food In Chemistry

  • The science of ice-cream making

  • Build and take home edible molecules and DNA

  • Build and take home edible subatomic particles

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Workshop Features

  • Monthly workshops

  • Four consecutive Saturday mornings

  • A different science workshop theme offered every month.

  • For ages 3* - 13.

* Children must be able to use the bathroom by themselves.