Our philosophy at Little Beakers is that the best way for children to learn about science is to not just see it being demonstrated and talked about, or to read about it in text books, but to actually touch it and experience it themselves.  

To that end, Little Beakers founder and polymers chemist, Cinttya Morgan, has developed a comprehensive 3-level science curriculum that caters to children of ages 6 to 16.  Weekly classes incorporate theoretical, historical and practical components.

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  • Learning gained from hands-on experimental activities will be enhanced through the use and/or the study of:

    • Microscopes and other lab equipment

    • Preserved specimens for dissections

    • Atoms and molecular building models

    • The periodic table

    • Key historical scientists and inventors

    • Real lab experiences / field trips for the older students

  • Complete transcript of material covered that can be used for credit provided upon request

  • Three levels available