Complement your child's traditional science classes at school with a superb after school science program developed by a real polymers chemist.  It will simply feel like 50 minutes of pure fun to the kids but will actually be giving them the concentrated hands-on experience needed to really drive home the week's key concepts and learnings.  

Always with our trademark hands-on activities, Little Beakers students will learn the how, why and what of molecules through the use of molecular model sets, use microscopes, study the Periodic Table, and follow up hands-on experiments with the completion of reports showing their results, observations and conclusions.


  • One 50-minute session per week.

  • Learning gained from hands-on experimental activities will be enhanced through the use and/or the study of:

    • Microscopes and other lab equipment

    • Simple monthly dissections of preserved specimens.

    • Atoms and molecular building models

    • The periodic table

    • Key historical scientists and inventors

  • Suitable for ages 6 and up