How a Little Beakers Fundraising Partnership Works

Upon your request and our approval of a fundraising partnership, Little Beakers will issue to you a coupon, which may be printed out and given to your organization's members/fundraiser participants.  The coupon will be time-sensitive and thus may be used for a set period of time to be determined by Little Beakers management (time period likely to coincide approximately with the start and finish dates of your fundraiser). 

The coupon may be applied towards the following Little Beakers' services:

  • Open Lab
  • Birthday Parties
  • Mini-camps

The printed coupon must be presented at the Little Beakers facility when used towards Open Lab.  The code on the coupon may be typed in when booking online when prompted or given verbally if booking over the phone or in person when used towards a birthday party or mini-camp.

Upon the expiry date of your coupon (i.e., end of the fundraiser), within two weeks Little Beakers will issue a check directly to your organization or school in the amount of 15% of the total qualifying sales purchased under your coupon code.  Note that additional checks may be issued at a later date if your coupon code was used when booking a birthday party.  (The balance of the birthday party is paid on the day of the event and so Little Beakers will issue a check in the amount of 15% of the balance once the birthday party has been paid for).

Please read the following stipulations carefully:

  • Only members of your organization or participants in your fundraising event may use your coupon code.
  • You are responsible for printing and distributing coupons to your organization's members or fundraiser participants.
  • Mini-camps (paid in advance) and birthday parties (partial deposit paid) need only be booked within the defined coupon period.  The mini-camp or party itself may take place after the fundraiser is over but still qualifies for the 15% donation provided the event was booked within the defined coupon period.
  • Little Beakers normal policies apply with respect to cancellations or rescheduling of birthdays or mini-camps made by fundraiser participants.  In the event Little Beakers deems it appropriate to refund a payment in full due to extenuating circumstances (and the event cannot be rescheduled), it will only refund the original amount paid less the 15% paid to your organization or school and any Little Beakers administrative fee.  
  • The coupon may not be combined with any other offers or promotions.
  • No monies will be remitted to fundraiser participants; for any monies owed as a result of qualifying sales, Little Beakers will write a check in the name of your organization or school only.